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Steel Cut Wire Shot

Steel Cut Wire Shot


For abrasive , we take prime quality raw material , and manufacture with advanced full automatic equipment, and we also have strict quality control system.

  1. Prime Quality Raw Materia.
  2. Standard Production.
  3. Strict Quality Control.
  4. Excellent After-sales Service.

Brand sourced in quality , honesty based on trust, we will try our best to be your most reliable and trusted partner !

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1. New wire/white wire  45# 60# 80#

Size :0.4mm,0.6mm,0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.5mm,1.6mm,2.0mm

Hardness : 45# : 45-50 HRC | 60# :48-53HRC | 80#: 52-57HRC

2.Old wire/black wire (tyre wire /steel strand)

Size :1.0mm,1.2mm, 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm


Products Cut Wire Shot
Chemical Composition C 0.45~0.75%
Mn 0.40~1.20%
Si 0.10~0.30%
S <0.04%
P <0.04%
Microhardness 1.0mm:51~53 HRC(525~561HV)
1.5mm:41~45 HRC(388~436HV)
Hardness Deviation Max Deviation ±1.0HRC or ±40HV
Tensile Intensity 1.0mm:1750~2150 Mpa
1.5mm:1250~1450 Mpa
Microstructure portrait             Landscape
even deformed perlite
Density 7.8g/cm3

Application for Steel Cut Wire Shot:

  1. Blast cleaning of Steel cut wire:Used for blast cleaning of casting, die-casting, forging,sand removal of casting, steel plate, H type steel, steel structure.
  2. Rust removal of Steel cut wire:Rust removal of casting, forging, steel plate, Htype steel, steel structure, descaling of forging.
  3. Shot peening of Steel cut wire:Shot peening of gear, heat treatment.
  4. Shot blasting of Steel cut wire:Shot blasting of profile steel, ship board, steel board, steel material.
  5. Shot blasting of Steel cut wire:Shot blasting of steel board, profile steel, steel structure.
  6. Pre-treatment of Steel cut wire:Pre-treatment of surface, steel board, profile steel, steel structure, before-painting.

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