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Aluminum Shot

Aluminum Shot


For abrasive , we take prime quality raw material , and manufacture with advanced full automatic equipment, and we also have strict quality control system.

  1. Prime Quality Raw Materia.
  2. Standard Production.
  3. Strict Quality Control.
  4. Excellent After-sales Service.

Brand sourced in quality , honesty based on trust, we will try our best to be your most reliable and trusted partner !

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Available Size:

0.6mm-12mm .

Tech Data:

Products Aluminium Cut Wire Shot
Chemical Composition Al≥99.97%
Microhardness 45~50HV
Tensile Intensity 80~240Mpa
Durability 6500 Times
Microstructure Deformed α
Density 2.7g/cm3
Bulk Density 5.1g/cm3


It is widely used in surface treatment such as descaling, burr removing, elimination of surface defects, internal stress relief, etching, matte finish, leveling, strengthening and rust prevention before applying in the metal die castings, precision castings, hardware & tools, machinery manufacturing, auto parts, instruments & meters, pumps and valves industries.

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