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Red Garnet 80 mesh for water jet cutting

Red Garnet 80 mesh for water jet cutting

Our garnet sand is rock type garnet mined from natural garnet rocks 200 meters underground. 

It goes through crushing,magnetic separation,washing and drying production procedures.Being crushed from natural garnet rocks, our garnet sand has high hardness and sharper edges. With many times magnetic separations to remove impurities,it keeps high qualified red grains. Then several times washing removes the powder away. After screening of sifting bed,each size has the uniform particle distribution. 

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Garnet abrasive materials belong to silicate minerals, carefully screened through hydraulic, mechanical processing, grading and other screening methods made of glass products mainly used for grinding products, industrial rust and water cutting, etc. 
Physical Property of garnet
Color Red brown
Toxicity Non-toxic
Working temperature 1300℃
Water solubility Insoluble in water
Specific Gravity 3.9g/cm3-4.1g/cm3
Mosh hardness 7.5-8.0
Chemical Composition of garnet
Proportion  3.9 g/cm3 Volume weight  2.5 g/cm3
Hardness  7.5-8.0 mohs  Melting point  1318 °C
SiO2 34-40% Al2O3 19-21%
Fe2O3 28-33% Water rate 0.08%
CaO 1.0-10.0%          MnO          1.0-2.0%
MgO 5-6% TiO2 1.0-2.0%
Application of garnet 
Coarse 20/40mesh 30/40 mesh  : Used for general purpose repair and maintenance blasting including removal of weathered paint, rust, mill scale, and other coatings from surfaces of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum parts and etc.
Medium 30/60mesh : Utilized for new steel, light paint and rust removal and special maintenance applications requiring reduced profiles.
Fine 60mesh 80mesh : Applicable for light blasting requiring a clean surface and minimum anchor profile including brush-off blast or high-pressure water blast system.
Fine 120mesh 150mesh 200mesh 300mesh: available for special application based on  customer’s request.


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