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Natural angular crushed green garnet 20/40 mesh blasting abrasive

Natural angular crushed green garnet 20/40 mesh blasting abrasive


JadeBlast green garnet blasting abrasive is a general purpose blasting abrasive consisting of a totally naturally occuring blend of almandine green garnet and almandine red garnet.

This natural blend offers fast cleaning of the surface while still producing a surface profile around 70 microns and is suitable for use on most materials from bare steel to mid – level coated surfaces.

Benefits of blasting with green garnet abrasive including,

◊ Mosh hardness of 7.5

◊ Environmentally and health-safe (contains no heavy metals)

◊ Vitually silica free (less than 0.5%)

◊ SA2.5-SA3 White metal finish without embedment

◊ Reduce air emissions greatly with green garnet abrasive

◊ Low chlorides, low soluble salts (less than 7ppm)

◊ Mil Spec and CARB Approved

◊ Meets AB1

◊ With proper metering, 70% less abrasive is used than slag & cuts 30-40% faster than slag

◊ Unique grain – hardness / toughness reduces particle breakdown

◊ Bulk density of 150lbs / ft3 vs. 110lbs. for sand & slag abrasives

◊ Specific gravity of 4.0

◊ Recycles 3-6 times depending on the application

◊ Lower abrasive disposal cost / no containment cost

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The garnet is a kind of garnet consisting of iron aluminum silicate. The main colors are orange red, Brown, black,green and pink
The hardness is 6.5-8. It’s a kind of weakly magnetic mineral, transparent, luster.
It’s good natural abrasive by it`s harness, high toughness, sharp edge and stable chemical property.
It is also a new type of water purification material by it`s large proportion, acid, wear resistance, high strength and chemical stability.


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